Lifecycle of an Atlassian Cloud plugin

I am new to Atlassean Cloud development and I need a clarification. I went through the Getting started tutorial and am running the “Hello World” addon. If I understand it correctly, every addon needs to be hosted on an external host and connected to the cloud. Is it possible to write addons that don’t need an external host, but are uploaded to the cloud instead? In other words, I see Cloud addons in Atlassean marketplace - are all those hosted on external servers? Thanks.

@nenad.miodrag, an app consisting purely of static resources (HTML, JavaScript etc.) does not need to implement the app lifecycle contract.

A minimal descriptor for such an app looks like this.

  "key": "example-app",
  "baseUrl": "",
  "authentication": {
    "type": "none"

Such apps can still declare scopes, and make API requests using the JavaScript API.

To answer your question: Yes - cloud apps are external services that are operated by vendors. There is no way to just “upload” an app like you would on server/dc.