Lifecycle required in connect.json breaking my fileView integration

I’m trying to get the mermaid diagram fileView working in bitbucket cloud but I’ll be the first to admit I’m not an expert on the integrations in bitbucket cloud.

I forked it and realized that the reason it won’t install is because lifecycle is required. When the plugin was originally registered it did not have this field.

So I added this and now it’s trying to hit it, but since I’m hosting the app in bitbucket io, a POST will never succeed. A 403 is always returned (hidden in the browser console) and it quickly returns to the manage integrations page without my plugin showing up.

If I understand this directly, I don’t want the callback, I don’t need it. I don’t care if someone installs it or uninstalls it because what I’m trying to set up is a client-side only fileView. The rendering happens with their auth on their browser and if I don’t have to set up some compute then I don’t have to worry about accidentally getting some private information I don’t want or need.

Having a pure client-side/GET-based fileView could open the door to quite a few other client side renderers.

Am I misunderstanding something here, is there a no-op POST endpoint in, or can we change the behaviour so these endpoints are optional?

for reference

thanks -jl