Limitations to where forge custom fields are rendered?

I’ve got a “basic” custom field in Forge going:

	return (

I get it to show up on the Issue screen (and on the issue pop up on the JSW board issue dialog). However when I add it as a field on the Card on the board itself - I get the value of the backing issue property… :frowning:

Boards not supported? :frowning: (yet? :slight_smile: )


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Hello Daniel! Thank you for your question and for using Forge! You’re right, at the moment Forge CustomField component is not supported in the board view. Actually, new issue view is the only view where it’s been supported. According to the documentation:

This component can be used in Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Desk to render the field in the new issue view.

We’re looking into adding this component to another views in Jira, but at this point we can’t say when it will be done.