Link between Jira Issue and Bitbucket commit

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I need to develop a report on my Jira server that gets all git commits of defined issues.
I know that we have an application link between Bitbucket and Jira. Is this information stored in Jira or Bitbucket? If not, should I save it?

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Hey Rosy,

The data you can see in jira is a snapshot stored on the jira side which refreshes, so because it’s a snapshot it might not be to use-full to you. Apart from that a way to retrieve the data is not available via the java API nor REST. And even reading it from the DB is not directly recommended as it is stored as JSON information. So maybe for your case it might be better to save it yourselves.

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Hi @tkenis, thanks a lot for below.
However, I just check that we have a REST API at JIRA’ s side to get the list of commits of a defined issue.


Hey Rosy it seems like it is a private API so be carefull using that as it possible to change between versions without any notice

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Thanks a lot @tkenis , sure thing:)
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