Link in an issuetab panel iframe


I developed a plugin which shows related info from a custom application in a separate tab on the issue page. This can be done by embedding the external content in the issuetab or by showing a link in the issuetab which the user can click to display the info.

However, when the tab is displayed I get a 404 because the link which is to be shown resolves to a link prepended by the plugin URL. E.g. the link in the HTML source is:
but when clicking it the user is redirected to

How can I include links to external sites?

BTW: the link worked perfectly in our Jira/Server plugin.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Matthias. Would you post the HTML <a> tag that has the link?

Hi David.

Sure, here is the link:

<a href="​ parameters..." target="_blank">View test assets.</a>

What is the base URL of your Jira instance, as specified in the System settings under ‘General Settings’?

The base URL is:

And clicking on that link, does an HTTP request actually get sent to I think it must because it’s the browser that sends the request, unless you have some funky JavaScript intercepting clicks.

What happens in the server? Does the redirect come from there?

Hi David,

no the xqual1 server is not redirecting. I even do not get there.

It’s like I wrote above: the link is shown correctly, but when I hover over it, the browser shows the link prepended by the string where is the location of my plugin on my test server.

When I click on it, I get a 404, because my server does not know what to do with the rest of the URL.

If you like I could give you access to my Jira instance, so you could take a look yourself.

Yes, I’d be interested to take a look.

I’d need your email address to invite you. You may send it to matthias (at) to keep it out of this ticket.

I don’t feel like I have the solution yet, but I think I have some ideas. The tab panel appears in an iFrame. The contents of the iFrame are downloaded from your ngrok server. The link that appears in the tab panel is assumed to be relative to the hostname from which the document was downloaded.

Shouldn’t this only be the case if the link is relative, i.e. not starting with https://?

The HTML page includes three hidden characters. Since the browser sees a URL that does not start with “https” or “http”, it assumes that the URL is relative.


Thanks David for spotting this. I don’t know where those characters came from, but when I entered the URL in the admin config screen again they were gone. Now the link is working fine.
You saved my day :smiley: