Link to Statuspage in Marketplace listing

We’ve just obtained a Business Tier subscription to Statuspage via the Marketplace Vendor Benefits program. Got me thinking that the Marketplace should provide a place to register a vendor’s Statuspage so that customers can easily find it. What do you think?


I suggested it a year before the acquisition and there were no plans back to do it back then or shortly after the acquisition.

It would be great if it was implemented as “trust” was a key area mentioned during a talk on Summit about Enterprise adoption of Cloud products. Showing uptime via Status Page would be a great way of helping with that


Wow! The Statuspage link capability is already there. Was that a recent thing? I just found it when I released a new version of our add-on for Jira Cloud. This is great!

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Do you know where I can add it?

Yes, it’s on the Details tab of your add-on’s management page.

I think this was added only recently, because I’m a frequent Marketplace user (albeit mostly using F5 on a very specific page) and never noticed it before! Like I was also not yet aware of the free business tier statuspage benefit for Marketplace vendors.

Yes this is new. I’m a bit delayed on the community post but glad you found it ! :slight_smile:

We’d like vendors to have the opportunity to present the same self help resources that Atlassian provides to customers on the - which includes StatusPage. Now these are available on Marketplace listings and coming in the next quarter or so links to these self help resources will be available to your customers interacting with the Atlassian Support contact form.


Just finished the write up announcing the new fields here along with some info about our next projects here:

Hey @akassab, I added the StatusPage link to my app listing via the admin panel a couple of weeks ago and it still isn’t showing up on the public-facing listing. Is there anything else that needs to be done by the vendor to enable this? Thanks in advance!

Hey @ElementML -

I see the link on your public facing page.

Are you not seeing it on your side?

I am indeed! I don’t know if it wasn’t actually working before, or if I was just looking in the wrong place? In any case, all good now - thanks @akassab.

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