List Default Reviewers for Repo behavior changed?

The List Default Reviewers endpoint for a single repo has changed its behavior unexpectedly. This endpoint used to return the inherited default reviewers (set at the project level), but now it only returns the reviewers explicitly set at the repo level.

This behavior change has broken my CI/CD scripts!!

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Hello Alex,

Thank you for reaching out to us, and I am sorry about this inconvenience.

When we released the project default reviewers endpoint that just returns the default reviewers defined at the project level, we realized that we wanted the repository default reviewers to match that behavior and return the default reviewers list defined at the repository level, instead of returning both the default reviewers defined at the repository level as well as those inherited from its project.

As a result we created a new endpoint: GET /2.0/repositories/{workspace}/{repo_slug}/effective-default-reviewers that performs the old behavior of the GET /2.0/repositories/{workspace}/{repo_slug}/default-reviewers.

So, you will need to use the new effective-default-reviewers endpoint in order to return the value you are looking for.

The docs are in the process of being updated to reflect this change and will be live by tomorrow 5pm PST.

Update: The docs have now been updated. Here is the new endpoint mentioned above.