List with all cards

I wondering can I create element in board like that menu in the screen, but on left side and put there all card from boards? I want have all cards in one place.

You can create a list by pressing the + Add another list button with a title, and then adding all your cards to that list. Is that what you meant?

Not exactly, because I want have all card from all board like list. Where I click in board-buttons and get boardBar or windows and it’ll look like previous screen , but on the left. Right now I adding all cards to boardBar at the bootom, but I want this boardBar on the left. It is possible?

Hi Adrian,

If you are asking if it is possible to create that kind of view through Power-Ups, then the answer is unfortunately no. Please reference our Power-Up Capabilities docs to review what kind of functions Power-Ups can do:

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