Listing 'plugin-less' application on marketplace

Good day,

I made an application in javascript that interacts with jira via rest api. It works fine without any plugin installation in jira server or jira cloud. My question is:

  • How can I list such an application on the Marketplace?

Hi @reporter,

You may want to expose an atlassian-connect.json descriptor which you will be providing when publishing the app in the Marketplace.

Anne Calantog

It seems the descriptor is meant for an connect application which runs on a server - such as nodejs. Isn’t this true? My application does not run on a server. It runs as javascript in a browser.

Can I still use a json descriptor to list it on the marketplace?

When you create your app on the marketplace - pick “My app isn’t directly installable” on the first screen. After that you have to enter in the various details about the app - the most important thing being the url where people would go to download the app. (At least that’s how I think it works…)

Is it a Chrome extension?

Yes it can be installed as a chrome extension or run as a plain script.