Loading Webresources in queues view

Hi there,

I implemented a Issue-Tabpanel in my plugin which needs a JS-File to work properly. In the Jira Software and Core Projects I already provided the JS-file successfully for the tabpanel. But when I’m in Service Desk in the queues view to view a particual issue, the JS-File is not loaded. I already added a few Service-Desk contexts to provide the file, but nothing is working.


As you can see I also added the jira.view.issue context. I would expect that the resource is loaded in every view which require this context.

It does not make any sense to me why the JS-File is not provided in the following screen:

WHY is my JS-File missing? Its clearly the jira.view.issue context, the only difference is the list view of the queues for this project.

Can anybody tell me what I need to do to provide a JS-File, no matter in which view/context I am? It feels like there is no stable solution for this simple use case…Where is the documentation???


Are you sure your javascript file isn’t loaded? Just because the javascript isn’t working, doesn’t mean it’s not loaded. It could be that you’re not waiting for the screen to properly load before executing your script.

For instance, I have a web panel that also relies on javascript for the issue view. Mine works just fine in the service desk queues view. The ONLY thing I am using for my context is <context>jira.view.issue</context>.

Due to this, I suspect that your script is in-fact loaded, but executing before the screen is ready.