Localisation of JQL... how come?

We’ve stumble upon an issue when our jql syntax doesn’t work.
Namely, instead of epic-link customer has Epic-Verknüpfung.

How can we enable this option for test? All the possible localisation changed :slight_smile:
Is it a plugin?

Hello @AndyJames

Refer to this recent thread on the same topic.

Essentially speaking, if you’re dealing with Jira systems with different locale settings, then you have to compensate for that in your JQL queries.

@sunnyape Thanks, do you maybe have an idea how to get this localisation? Basically, the “default” language doesn’t change the jql lang.

@AndyJames The article has a recommendation to run a query against the Get field configurations endpoints to find out what the localised names of the fields are. Try that first.

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