Location atl.gh.issue.details.tab does not display web panel


I am trying to create a simple web panel in details view, that appears on the right side when you click an issue on the board. I include the location in the descriptor file, but it is not showing in the instance.

This is my code from descriptor:
“modules”: {
“webPanels”: [
“key”: “details-tab-example”,
“location”: “atl.gh.issue.details.tab”,
“name”: {
“value”: “There is a web panel here”
“url”: “/hello-world”

Could you please tell if I am doing something wrong? I was not able to find any documentation about this location. Just to note, if I am including other location, for example, atl.jira.view.issue.left.context then it works.

Thanks in advance,


Where did you get that location from? It might be a case that the location doesn’t exist…

Hello Daniel.
I found a reason why it was not working for me. This location does not work in new version of Jira Cloud. I need to find some solution or new location for last Jira version.