Log out of external provider?

I’m building a Jira Cloud app with Forge, and I just set up external auth so my app can send data to the Harvest API. However, once I’ve deployed the app and given it permission to access my Harvest account, I can’t figure out how to revoke that permission (so I can test what happens when I’m not authenticated) or change it to use a different Harvest account. My ideal scenario would be to have a button in the app’s modal (I’m using UI Kit) that allows the user to “log out” and then they could re-grant the app access to the Harvest account or a different Harvest account.

I’ve tried calling requestCredentials when they click a button, and it goes through the whole auth flow, but when my modal renders afterward it appears that the user is still connected to the same Harvest account. I’m confused why this is.

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Go to the Connected Apps screen in your User Profile. You can disconnect it from there.

Important: be sure to go to the user profile and NOT the Admin Connected Apps page (that’s got completely different information).

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Is there no way to disconnect it during the running of the Forge app?

As far as I know, we can’t do that.

What I intend to do is maybe show a button that opens Connected Apps page in a separate window.