Looking for default Metadata Master List for Confluence

I’m trying to create complex Confluence dependencies using the metadata that’s stored for every page, but I’m having a hard time finding a resource that lists the default values that exist on page creation.

I understand that there are macro solutions and add-ons that can compile metadata and meta tags in a consumable way, but I’m not a confluence admin, only a space admin— so I don’t have the authority to purchase or enable these features.

What I’m looking for is relatively simple-- just a reference list of unique identifiers that exist on page creation.

I’ve been unable to find this resource on my own, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s the list of variable names I’ve compiled (so far) through trial/error:

  • user
  • labels
  • version
  • comments
  • tasks
  • state
  • id
  • type
  • space

I realized the terminology for what I was looking for was the actual problem. I should have been looking for supplier keychains.
Specifically, ones related to some add-ons we already use.

Here’s what helped me, in case anyone else encountered a similar quandary: