Looking for similar experiences with DC apps

Hi Vendors,

I’m looking for similar experiences to something that happened to us:

Our app was rejected from DC by Atlassian due its functionality.

We sent the DC performance tests which received the ok.

Did it happen the same to a any of your apps? Was it rejected only because its capabilities? If so, please provide some details.

Our app is under review now once more but since nothing relevant has changed I believe it will be sentenced to dead by the DC team again.

Thank your for your collaboration,

Can you elaborate a bit what you mean by ‘functionality’?

Because we’ve had rejections in the past because of errors, or incorrectly implemented license checks. But I would consider those valid reasons.

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By “functionality” I mean just “functionality” in general: an app that works and performs well on DC but it is not accepted because what is capable to do.

I’m looking for a precedent.

If you are interested in our particular case the rejected app is P3, but this not relevant now. The relevant issue is whether there is any other vendor with an app rejected based on its capabilities only. If so, I would like to know more details. Thanks.