Lost another customer to CONFCLOUD-58280 (newly installed apps don't show up)

I posted a few weeks ago about a 1-star review that we got when a customer ran into CONFCLOUD-58280 Newly installed apps with dynamic macros can’t be found in the list to insert into a page

Today we lost a customer for the same problem. They installed our macro, couldn’t use it because it didn’t show up in the editor, and assumed our macro didn’t work.

I’ve seen this issue several times in the few months I’ve been at my new job with an Atlassian vendor. It is affecting our revenue.

The biggest problem w/ this bug is that it is a sporadic caching issue. A customer happens to encounter it when they install our macro… if they try another macro they probably won’t run into it again because it is not something that happens most of the time. At that point they assume our macro does not work and they abandon it.


Another case came in this morning. New customer, just bought our app/macro, and it doesn’t show up in the editor. They want to know if our app works at all.

I’ll have them clear their browser cache. This is a bad first experience for our customers. All of them think the problem is ours when they run into it.

Because it happens upon installation it really is a critical bug. The first few minutes of usage for a new app are everything. If it doesn’t work at all it can be the end for that customer, even if it is not our fault.

Please fix this ASAP.


So the utter debacle with the fabric editor in CONFCLOUD - that the community has been ranting about since they dropped it on us last year - is hosing our 3rd party app developers now too… good. grief.

I’ve given up on our organization using Cloud for anything ‘real’ and am focusing on support and development for our server sites.