Macro Parameters Issues

I’m developing a confluence macro and I’m running into issues with parameter labels and binding.

I have created parameters which map.get("") can only find if they are lower case with no spaces. When I have tried to add labels or descriptions for those parameters as in this guide on parameters from 2012 by adding those to my file but they still won’t show up in the macro browser.

Here are relevant snippets from, atlassian-plugin.xml, and

public String execute(Map<String, String> map, String s, ConversionContext conversionContext) throws MacroExecutionException {
        String output;

        // handle valid license scenario
        pageBuilderService.assembler().resources().requireWebResource("co.acutulus.ripley.ripley:ripley-resources"); // group id + artifactid + web resource key       
        output = "<div class=\"CardApp\"><wd-app title-exp=\'\""+map.get("default-title")+"\"\' show-list=\"'"+map.get("user-access")+"'\"></wd-app></div>";

    <xhtml-macro name="ripley" class="co.acutulus.ripley.ripley" key='ripley-macro' icon="/download/resources/${atlassian.plugin.key}/icons/pluginIcon.png">
        <description key="ripley.macro.desc"/>
        <category name="communication"/>
            <parameter name="user-access" type="enum">
                <value name="Can Add New Lists"/>
                <value name="Can Not Add Lists"/>
            <parameter name="default-title" type="string"/>
            <parameter name="ID" type="string"/>
ripley.macro.param.user-access.label=Can Add Lists
ripley.macro.param.user-access.desc=Choose to allow the macro to add new lists
ripley.macro.param.default-title.desc=Choose a name for the list