Macro with custom full screen editor


I’m trying to put together a proof of concept and need some guidance on approach, I’ve created an external web application that renders an image. I’ve then created a Confluence Macro that displays that image on a page, the documentation is quite straightforward up to that point.

However, I want to allow users to edit that content and the way I see it I potentially have two options but there is no documentation on either (Or it is well hidden)

  1. Redirect when the user clicks edit to a full-screen edit page hosted on my web application - There is no documentation on how to configure such an editor URL
  2. Create the editor within the Node.js connect sample application - The editor property doesn’t have any parameters to specify it needs to be full-screen and only opens up in a small window

There are quite a few 404 errors in the documentation and am finding it hard to navigate to find any related content, can someone point me in the right direction or give me any insight into the editor parameters?


P.s. Bad links in the documentation

Both as far as I can tell are very similar patterns, when I specify the editor

The first link should probably be

The second link should probably be

Can you tell me which page had those broken links? I’d like to fix those.

The atlassian connect link on this page is broken

Those two links are at the bottom of this page

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Thanks, I’ve opened PRs in the docs to fix those broken links. Thanks again for reporting them.

Reminder, you can report broken links right on the page. Scroll to the top and click on “Give docs feedback” and you can create a Jira ticket to report. If you would like you can also click on “Improve this page” and help make these changes right in Bitbucket and create a pull request.