Making hosted storage better for you in FY21

Very interested, thank you!


Really happy to see this level of interest! :fire:

We’re looking into whether we can provide a second, US-friendly time. Add a :heart: to this post if you’d be interested :slight_smile:

Will this be recorded for those of us out of region?

@boris yes.


This is great news especially for the data residency challenges ! :+1:
We are interested :slight_smile:

I would very much be interested in joining. Sent you a PM

I am interested. Thanks!

You’ve got my vote…

Interested in a US session.

I’m interested. Thanks!

Look forward to hearing more :slight_smile:

I’m interested! Looking forward to speaking with you all.


:us: We’ve added a second option that’s more US-friendly on Thursday the 28th of May at 5:00pm GMT-7 (SF). @adam @yvesriel @boris

Demand for these sessions is looking pretty high. To give everyone ample opportunity to get involved in the discussion, consider attending the second (currently lighter in attendance) chat and declining the other. If a few of you can do that it’ll balance us out quite nicely :slight_smile:

@ademoss @jack.graves @himal @paul @huasoon @ajay1 @lavakumar.dukanam @david2 @BobBergman @sergio.vieira @juan @izymesdev @paulo.alves @sandro.herrmann I’ll need your email addresses in a DM to add you all to the GCal invitation if you’d still like to attend.

To those on the invite list already, I’ve opened the event up so you can invite others - feel free to do so.


I’m interested in the second option.

Please count me in for the first option. Thanks.

Count me in for the second session.

I am interested for first session. Thanks

Hey @SimonKubica - I’ve sent you a PM with email but haven’t received an invitation yet.

Just sent out the invites (and a link to the pre-survey/question submission form) for everyone who’s sent me a DM thus far :slight_smile:

For anyone who hasn’t yet, you can find the Google Calendar invitations for Option 1 and Option 2 here if you’d prefer to join directly.

We’d love if you could get to the survey before your discussion takes place, but we understand it’s coming in on short notice so no worries if that doesn’t work for you.

See you all soon!

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Hi @SimonKubica,

Same here.


@SimonKubica - it seems the invite for the second session has a date/time of May 27 @ 5pm PST (GMT-7), but the first post in this thread says May 28 @ 5pm PST.

Can you please clarify which one is correct?

Date in the original post was an error (fixed now) and the invite session date/time of May 27th @ 5pm PST is correct. Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile: