Making plugin for JIRA

I am creating a JIRA plugin to fetch the issue-level permissions. Currently, the project-level permissions are working extremely fine but the issue-level permissions are not working. I tried finding a REST API to handle these permissions but, didn’t find anything so I decided to make a custom JIRA plugin to fetch the issue-level permissions of a project and handle them via exposing the plugin through an API.

My question is that what JIRA JAVA APIs do I have to use in order to handle these permissions? Or, is there any other workaround to handle issue-level permissions?

Hello @DishantSharma

What type of ‘plugin’ are you making? It it for Jira Data Center or Jira Cloud? Is that a Connect or Forge app?

When you say Java API, that exists for DATA CENTRE only, not CLOUD.

If by ‘handle’ you mean ‘read the state of’, for Cloud, the REST API endpoints for ‘handling’ issue permissions are in the documentation, here.

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@sunnyape thanks for the reply. The plugin is for Jira Data Center and I am making a Connect app.