Mapping response of Issue Bulk Creation

Hello! I am using the /issue/bulk endpoint to create 50 issues at a time. I will then map the created issues ID to other entities. If the 50 issues are created successfully, and the order of the issues is preserved on the response (seems that way but I could not find anything about this in the documentation), I should be able to perform the mapping. But if one of them fail, I have no way of knowing.

Is there any way to map the response(success or error) to issues or do we need to create issues one by one (single issue at a time)?

Thank you!

Hi @vertexar ,

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If the API documentation doesn’t explicitly mention the order of the issues in the response and what happens in the case of errors, then I think it would be best not to make any assumptions based on your observations of behaviour. There appears to be no common fields in the requests and responses of the API to associated the issue creation requests with responses. Obviously additional API requests could be made to work it out, but this would defeat the purpose of using the bulk API.

To provide what you are looking for, I’ve created [JRACLOUD-81005] Enhance the bulk issue creation API to allow created issues to be mapped back to issue creation requests - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products..