March 15 deadline for GDPR readiness

I would greatly appreciate someone from Atlassian answering this question regarding the notice stating that apps not signaling that they are GDPR ready by March 15 may have their customers notified that the app might break.

  • We have been diligently working to be GDRP ready by the March 29 deadline but not March 15. We did not receive notification of this until March 7. We’re concerned that contacting all our customers in this fashion is going to cause a fair amount of panic, and has effectively shifted the deadline 2 weeks earlier to the announced one with only a weeks notice. Has Atlassian considered how this kind of action could affect our businesses, and could this earlier deadline not have been made clear in the deprecation documentation and AppWeek events leading up to the deadline?

  • Considering that the deadline has been extended, could Atlassian consider waiting until at least the announced March 29 date to start worrying our customers.

Hi @jan.revis - The email you received yesterday was a second email reminder to update your Atlassian Connect descriptor to indicate readiness for deprecation. We’ve also postedthis blog several weeks ago with the same request as well as weekly reminders on the GDPR API development status update posts.

You do not need to have the migration work complete but we’d like to know if you are blocked so that we know impact of the deprecation. Setting your flag to false today would do the trick.


Hi Alex,

Thank you for following up. We’ll set the descriptor ASAP. But to original issue, are customers going to be notified that the plugin might break? That is the issue that is concerning us.

We do intend to reach out to customers to let them know in advance of any potential issues they may experience. This is why it is of utmost importance that we get developers to signal readiness. We need to begin to prepare our contact list which is why we’ve set March 16, 2019 (Europe: Paris), March 15, 2019 (America: Los Angeles) as the deadline to signal. We will start with customers impacted by apps that have not responded first. We will target communications for customers who have apps that remain opt’d out closer to the end of the deprecation notice period.

Hi @akassab,

I didn’t even notice that part about Atlassian notifying customers. I believe it would be very beneficial to vendors if you at least reached out to them prior to reaching out to their customers… And also if you shared the content of your message with vendors (e.g. here), so they know what to expect.