Marketplace Getting Featured Requirements

Hello Everyone!

Could someone please let me if the requirement has been changed for the Staff & Featured pick on the Atlassian Marketplace?
All I can find is this article:

Based on the topic these should be the requirements:

  • Paid via Atlassian or free apps that do not require a paid subscription
  • App must be supported
  • Strong overall rating compared to cohort in category
  • Strong number of installs compared to cohort in category
  • Partner has established track record of success with customers

Hence, our Timetracker app with more than 2k+ install and 60+ reviews was rejected even for a featured listing, meanwhile, apps with 30 install and 3-4 review received it.
I know it is rotating, but this is the 3rd approval where we have been rejected for everything.

I would really appreciate if the requirements would be updated because it seems it is not valid anymore.

Thank you!


They didn’t change AFAIK.
All our submissions were also rejected, both top-rated and newly released apps.
Since Emily’s replacement hasn’t started, maybe @srusonis can shed some light?

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Our apps were also rejected without an explanation, we’d love to know what’s missing to send the submission again with the right requirements met, cheers!

Same here, it’s the 3rd consecutive time that we’ve been rejected and we have the greatest number of installs and high number of good reviews too. Meanwhile, other apps with less numbers have received it many times.

Could you please update us?