Marketplace Pricing Bug

Hello Everyone,

We are developing the Timetracker app and we got a serious issue with the pricing on the Marketplace.

So as you might have noticed there was some downtime on the Marketplace on Monday. The next day an Atlassian colleague contacted us that there is some unusual thing going on with the Timetracker. A lot of the previous versions got its status updated (rejected, under review).
This Atlassian colleague fixed this problem and approved all of them but unfortunately, the last version was the oldest version, when the plugin was still free.

So at the moment, our Plugin for Server is free and we can no do anything about it (30-day price change limit). We contacted this Atlassian colleague today again and he mentioned that he changed back to the correct prices but it needs 24 hours to take place.

The problem is that several customers already bought it for free, some of them contacted us that it is free on the Marketplace but we mention pricing in our documentation. If we have to wait another 24 hours we gonna be in serious trouble.

We believe this is a crucial problem and we can not do anything about it! This will cost us a lot of revenue and reputation loss.

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In this case I would raise an support case with the highest possible prioritiy here:

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Thank you! We already created a case there as well. No response yet :frowning:

make sure it’s high severity. If that does not help try TO ping someone from Amsterdam here.