Marketplace Report update delays

[Upd] Reports are finally updated. Would love to know if it was a lag that was fixed or is it a new schedule?

Are we the only one vendor with no updates for licenses since November, 2nd and no updates for transactions for more than 24 hours?

Not panic here, but this is a core information needed for business operation. So we would highly appreciate if Atlassian could provide stable and regular updates of the reports.


More generically, this seems to be happening more frequently lately. @dparrish/@jgaard can you share if this has also been noticed by the ecosystem team?

Just double checked several commercial cloud licenses with end date on yesterday. All are expired though I see requests from these instances today with lic: active. Looks like they aren’t updated still.

Would highly appreciate feedback from Atlassian stuff on this

Hi all,

Apologies about the delayed data availability. There was an issue with a downstream service and the Marketplace team wasn’t properly notified. This issue has since been resolved.

We recognize the importance of your sales/license information’s availability and are working to to ensure its availability, or at a minimum, properly notifying you on the Developer Statuspage when issues arise.


@bwoskow, could you please confirm that everything is back to normal now? I’ve just got an update on the licenses/transactions for today and it seems like about half of the updates are missing.

Also, it would be great to know, if possible, how the update schedule works. At the moment it looks like something pretty random.

I currently see what looks like a typical volume of transactions and licenses. As mentioned in the documentation, it can take up to 24 hours for data to appear (although in most cases data should be available within 8 hours of the originating event). Based on your response, it sounds like some but not all of today’s data has been processed at this point - check back by tomorrow morning for the complete dataset from today.

Got it, thanks!

I was asking this question because in last month typically there were two updates within a day. The early one at about 12 pm GMT+3 was about license updates and the late one at about 10 pm was about new licenses and transactions. Now it looks shifted. But if it will be stable, we surely will adopt to new timing =)

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@bwoskow, hello again!

Got zero transactions for the last 36 hours, and status page is green, and there was no incidents.
Is everything working as it should?

We also see just couple transactions for yesterday which seems suspicious.

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Dmitry and Raimonds - I don’t see anything out of the ordinary at the moment, nor do I see any active incidents ongoing relating to relevant internal systems. Are you still seeing problems? Perhaps there was a delay which was rectified over the past ~8 hours since you posted your messages.

A quick semi-related PSA: if you encounter issues in the future, please file a ticket at Jira Service Management instead of commenting here, as the matter is more likely to get investigated that way. Thanks!

I’ve tried to follow your advice, Ben. Here are two tickets I’ve filed 8 (eight) days ago with zero response from Atlassian: AMKTHELP-14141 and AMKTHELP-14142.

Those are 2 out of 72 total tickets I’ve created in the support Service Desk within 3 years of working with Atlassian as a vendor. And unfortunately creating posts here works better - at least there’s some feedback. Not always though: New Marketplace Apps Spotlight - #2 by dmitry.astapkovich =(

Wow, both tickets got updated 5 hours after my last comment. Thanks!

I suspect a similar issue for my app and have created a ticket last week but no response yet. Any chance to have a look at it? AMKTHELP-29987