Marketplace Vendors is now Marketplace Partners in CDAC

Hello Marketplace Partners!

In light of the Marketplace Partner Program officially going into effect, I have updated the names and URLs in this section of CDAC from Marketplace Vendors to Marketplace Partners. Please update your bookmarks accordingly for this category and its subcategories. -->

Individual posts won’t be affected since they don’t include the category in the URL.

Additionally, the tag marketplace-vendor has been renamed to marketplace-partner, and the Marketplace Vendor badge that appears in profiles has been renamed Marketplace Partner.


You may also want to update the user tags that appear next to their names (e.g. how you and I say ‘Atlassian Staff’, vendors currently say ‘Marketplace Vendor’)


Great callout @huw! Updated. :slight_smile:


Sorry, I’m really disappointed with the latest changes in Atlassians “vendor programs”.

As a small vendor, we eventually lost all benefits over the last years:

  • No access to larger developer licenses anymore
  • No developer licenses for 10 user licenses anymore
  • No top vendor anymore
    • this was really essential for us, as it at least gave customers an easy way to see, that we are really professionals

Even to get a “Silver” partner seems to be impossible:

  • 15% cloud revenue (we are specialised in Server development, so why this “unfair” requirement?)
  • All apps (with 500+ sales) data center approved
    • as we are developers and not testing/clustering gurus … getting an app data center approved is hard in itself

Then Atlassians support for developers:

  • “Developer Community”: seems no “developer” of Atlassian is here to help.
  • Support: basically none of my submitted tickets was ever resolved…
    • it even seems to be imposible to solve the issue changing my username :frowning:


Hi @amoerchen, this would be a better place to post your comment.


Yeah sure…

@amoerchen you’re missing out! You should definitely apply for access to private Vendor topics on here. (<- Found another one to change @kmorales)

I think this happens quite frequently that Vendors Marketplace Partners only discover the private part of CDAC very late. It would be great if this application link (and CDAC itself) could be placed more prominently so that more vendors Marketplace Partners will know about it. Have you ever thought about putting it straight in the face of Partners, maybe like this?


You beat me to it @sven.schatter! :slight_smile:

@amoerchen I will see to it personally that you are added to the right topics after you fill out the ticket Sven linked. :+1:


@kmorales @sven.schatter Thank you, just applied.

It would be even better, if it just would pull the information from my Atlassian account, as this is connected with my marketplace vendor account to.

Hi @kmorales looks like I also do not have access to these partner topics yet. With all the new announcements that are coming, I think I am missing quite a bit.

I created support ticket. Usually, vendor support desk takes quite long time to respond to tickets. I would really appreciate if you could approve it:

I am currently developing a Cloud Version of my App, but main problem is security for various reasons. And Data Center Apps is too expensive to developing because my company is small vendor of Atlassian Apps. Am I even permitted to use Atlassian Marketplace Partner logo on my web-site with no level mentioned like Silver?

I just went through the process of trying to find the right sign up link to onboard some new members of the team today and had trouble locating it, finally finding it buried in places like this one. It’d probably be awesome to highlight the sign up in a prominent public location?


Hey @kmorales . I also have issues with reaching the partner portal. When visiting I get a link “Validate Your Status”. I opened a ticket through this, which was automatically approved with information to wait 5 minutes. Now 8 hours later it’s still not possible to reach the partner portal, same information as before. :frowning:

Great suggestion @BobBergman! I have updated the FAQ. :slight_smile:


Hi @matti.kiviharju, yes! Please feel free to use the Marketplace Partner logo on your website and marketing collateral


Hi @jan , I am looking into this for you. I hope to get this resolved shortly.


@rchu thanks - everything works now!