Membership Difference Between UI and REST API

I am the admin on my workspace and we have a “workspace visible” board on which I am listed as an Admin. (My avatar has the admin stripes and when I click on my avatar, it says that my permission level is Admin.)

However, when I get the board’s memberships from the REST API, my permission level is shown as “normal”. I discovered this when trying to get into the settings on one of our custom power ups where we lookup the current user’s permission level on the board and only let board admins change the settings.

Any idea how this happened or more importantly how to fix it?

Here is the Power Up code showing how we get membership information for the current user:

export const currentUserMembership = (t: any) => {
  return trello.Promise.all([
    t.board('name', 'memberships')
  ]).then((results: any[]) => {
    const [member, board] = results;
    if (member && board) {
      const membership = board.memberships?.find(m => m.idMember ===;
      return {
        memberType: membership?.memberType
    return member;

I used the REST API to update the membership type to ‘admin’ on the board. Now REST API says that I am an ‘admin’ on the board but the power up (using t.board() as shown above) still reports that I am a ‘normal’ user.

I have used this code on a number of power ups and have never had an issue. One thought is that this board was created by another user (admin). I was added to the board - perhaps before I was made an admin on the workspace. This might account for why I was showing as an admin on the UI but the backend still thought I was a ‘normal’. But now that I have updated using the API, I cannot figure out why I am still getting this error. (NOTE: in case it was a cache issue, I waited 3 hours before posting this update.)