Migrating Powershell over to a Forge App

Hi there,
I have a powershell script that connects to Azure AD and pulls in the usual info into Assets but also matches based on email the Atlassian ID and maps the user also. The final PUT to Assets is a result of a PSCustomobject.

Works a treat but I am seeing a few Azure AD apps now and this would be a way neater way of doing it rather than running a powershell script as a scheduled task.

Is there a clean way to move over from Powershell to Forge or based on my VERY limited understanding or Forge this is pretty much going to prove impossible?


Hi @StevenLeesSmith ,

Today Forge only supports apps written in JavaScript and TypeScript. You could also use other languages that transpile to JavaScript if you wanted to setup your own toolchain for that.

So at this stage, you wouldn’t be able to easily port your existing PowerShell apps over to Forge.

We’d like to support other languages in the future, but I don’t have a timeline for when that would be available.