Migrating to Forge?

Since Forge is now generally available, I’ll be looking into it to see if I can migrate my existing apps to it. I’ve tried to research my questions, but I am coming on short of information (not unexpected since Forge just rolled out). I am wondering the following:

  • Will there be some sort of conversion that will need to be done to move my apps from ACE to Forge? If yes, is there any information on doing this? If no, what is the process for moving my apps from Heroku to Forge?

  • I was reviewing the Forge UI area and there doesn’t appear to be a Tab-based component yet. Did I miss it? If not, is there a plan for when this component will become available?

  • Since my apps are already in the marketplace, will I have to resubmit them if I move them to Forge? Or will I need to submit a ticket to Atlassian support to assist with the migration?

Thanks in advance for feedback, guidance, etc.

*** Sorry I didn’t catch the auto-correct. I need help with Forge not Frogs. :crazy_face:


UPDATE: Just saw that the UI kit components page has been updated and I see there is a component for Tabs now. Since my apps make heavy use of tabs, I couldn’t port them without this. Now I can start looking into porting the apps over.

So I guess the main question I have is if ported apps have to be resubmitted or if a support ticket will suffice to get the Marketplace to point to the apps in a new location. This one is not urgent yet as I am sure it will take some time to port and perform proper testing. :nerd_face:


I’d also like clarification on how this will work.

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Curious on your adventures in this area too! :frog:

@DaveLiao so far, things are ok. However, Forge doesn’t seem to have the concept of webSections and adminPages like ACE–but I am still trying to figure out if it’s just me. :slight_smile:

My apps require multiple links/adminPages. Thus far, Forge is only showing the first in the list. Other than that, I believe I only have one more hurdle to resolve but I’ll repost once I get to that point. :wink:

Fyi: from what I’ve read, it doesn’t appear that the Marketplace is ready for Forge yet. You have to share links out right now but I am hoping that by the time I am done with the conversions that this will no longer be the case.

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I have also tried to port our Issue Reminders app and I had a few issues. Note that we are not migrating from Connect so I can’t compare it to connect. I will just summarize the things which prevents to port our app using Forge.

  • You can’t show a dynamic badge next to label of an issue glance. My intention was to show number of reminders as badge next to the label but this is not possible. You can show a number but it can only be a static number provided at deployment time.
  • No internalization for UI Kit and entries specified in manifest.yml file
  • No Project Administration page support. So configuration options per project is not possible.
  • I had first started with UI Kit and build a form quickly. When I tried to add validation to form, I have realized that you can’t show red text for form errors. Actually you can’t show any text in color in UI Kit. I had to gave up on UI Kit and switched to Custom UI. With UI Kit you just need to refresh the page after a change, with Custom UI, you need to build UI and refresh the browser.
  • There is a concept of Scheduled tasks and it is only allowed to run at every hour which severely limits usability of our app.
  • Like UI KIt, Scheduled Tasks, Webtriggers seems easy at the beginning. But you soon realize that they are not useable for a marketplace apps. Because actual URL of webtrigger is created using Forge CLI using installation ID. Installation ID is customer specific and can’t be accessed by you. So there is no way to trigger it from another app like Slack etc. It is okey if you are developing an internal application, you can get it with forge installation:list command.
  • I need to define new permissions and it is also not possible with Forge yet.
  • There is a significant delay when calling backend functions. We need to watch Spinner (No UI Kit spinner, you have to use Custom UI for this too) for 3-4 seconds. This is for development environment, may be production will be faster.
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This is awesome @denizoguz! Maybe we can keep a running list in this thread to help others as I am certain we will not be the only ones with issues. I’ll continue to post my findings here as well. Thanks again for sharing the knowledge!

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I don’t want to spend any more time trying to piece together a solution, so I thought I would ask the community and save time.

When you use ACE for app development, you can create a webSection and have multiple adminPages (or links) under the section. Thus far, I have not found a way to replicate this with Forge. I am currently testing with the UI kit.

Am I missing something? Or does Forge simply not support this functionality yet?

UPDATE: I just stumbled on a post that states that you can currently only have one adminPage in Forge. It states that multiple adminPages is “considered to be implemented but not scheduled yet”. Ugh, I guess I will proceed with converting only one of my adminPages from ACE just so I have the framework in place and am ready when webSections rolls out.

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Definitely open separate threads for distinct questions - if you get an answer (or figure it out on your own), you can mark a specific reply as a solution!

Will do. My apologies.

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It’s no problem for me, but starting new threads will give more visibility into your asks, and help direct community members to you!

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