Migration/progress/ endpoint fails to update Jira Server during longer migrations


We have some long running migrations that can take up to 2 days to complete.

Upon completion we see that we successfully hit the migration/progress endpoint and receive a 200 response. However, the JCMA never reflects the status update even after the 10 min period.

Does anyone have any suggestions about what could be the cause of this issue?


Hi @BenDavies,

Thanks for your question about updating the progress endpoint but not seeing the update. It’s hard to know what the issue might be without some specific information.

I recommend looking at the blue box on Support channels as this asks all the relevant questions.

What’s the app key you’re using, and when have you seen this behaviour happen in the last 7 days? I can look at our logs and see what’s going on.

For server, you can add logging from Jira on packages com.atlassian.jira.migration.app and com.atlassian.migration.app. This will help identify if there’s an error on server side.