Migration webhook events no longer being triggered on migrations


We are testing migrations and have registered for the migration webhook events.

Recently we have noticed that when running a test migration we no longer receive the migration webhook events. https://developer.atlassian.com/platform/app-migration/rest/api-group-notification-api/#api-webhook-put

We have quadruple checked the URL and it is definitely correct

Have there been any additional changes required to trigger these webhook events?


Hi @BenDavies ,

Is this still impacting you? I’ll loop the migrations team in to see if they have any input.


Hi @BenDavies,

We haven’t changed anything recently about the use of webhooks, but there might be something else happening. To help us, can you provide

  1. (the first half of the string of) a recent transferId
  2. the appkey that you’re using
  3. The webhook URL (or at least the domain name part) in the payload your using to the PUT request

Can you also confirm you get a HTTP 2xx response when you call the API?



Hi @dmorrow, @jrichards

Thank you for taking a look into this

It appears its an internal problem with our sever app plugin which is now being looked into

Thank you!

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