Missing admin page location for project settings in ACE app descriptor

How can an app add a project admin settings link in the project admin side panel? I cannot see a valid location in https://api.bitbucket.org/connect.json and Admin Page

We’re building an enterprise app for BB Cloud and need a project level settings/admin page.

When I add a project admin page location I get

What is the plan to provide project admin settings pages for apps?

Thanks and kind regards, Ulrich

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Atlassian doesn’t provide a way to globally manage PR reviewers and merge rules. My company has hundreds of repositories and we’d like to implement a Standard path (globally) to gain approvals from members of our Standards team. Ulrich has published an add-on for BB Cloud that allows for Global management of PRs, but falls a bit short for the following reason: we have a couple projects within our BB Cloud that need to be excluded from the global PR standard and Ulrich states that presently there’s no way for him to implement that due to his comment above.

I’d really like to see this capability added so that my company can enforce PR standards where it is needed, and exclude projects that do not fit these standards.


Adam Hudelson

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