Missing and duplicate results when fetching /rest/api/content/{id}/descendant/page

[edit 21-03-31]: A fix has been deployed.

There are pages missing and others appear multiple times when fetching descendants of a page through /rest/api/content/{pageId}/descendant/page.

This is especially obvious when using limit=1 where consecutive pages in the result return the same page/content (and skip pages). It looks like a pagination issue on confluence side.

So for example /rest/api/content/{pageId}/descendant/page?next=true&limit=1&start=8 and
/rest/api/content/{pageId}/descendant/page?next=true&limit=1&start=9 just returned the same content for me and other content is missing.

It’s also always the same pages that are missing/multiple times for the same request as long as the page tree is identical. When I mutate the page tree by just moving a couple pages around and try again, then other pages are missing or multiple times in the result.


This is an entire REST endpoint that has become unusable over night. Please, Atlassian, fix this ASAP!


Thanks for letting us know. The Confluence Ecosystem team are working on a fix. You can follow this issue: [CONFCLOUD-73784] Duplicate and missing pages in the results of Get content descendants by type API - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.


A fix by atlassian has been deployed

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