Missing requirement [176.0] osgi.wiring.package; (osgi.wiring.package=com.sun.security.auth.module)]

I added to my Jira server plugin


but it fails with missing requirement [176.0] osgi.wiring.package; (osgi.wiring.package=com.sun.security.auth.module)]

How to fix this?

After addition of com.sun.security related modules it fails with
another missing requirement error.

Why it is so simple to start java app with oracle lib and so not obious to start Jira plugin with it?
Yes, it is separate class loading, but maybe it is good to post details in docs or examples for sql drivers or other popular Java libs? Because docs about Import-Package, provided scope or pluginDependencies bringes no success.

Hi arthurdnu,
I have the same problem. Did you find something?

Did you try adding the package to ImportPackage under maven-plugin.
I see you have used scope as compile so importing might help