Missing user field in Jira REST API vs. Confluence REST API

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I am wondering why the user resource in the Jira REST API does not contain the field publicName, but the Confluence REST API does. There is only the field displayName which a user might hide from public usage.

So is there a reason why the field publicName is missing in the Jira REST API?

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Hi @SvenHe ,

I don’t understand the reason for this inconsistency so I’ve created an issue suggesting a publicName field be added to the response of Jira’s GET /rest/api/3/user endpoint. Please see JRACLOUD-80758: Add a publicName field in the response of the get user endpoint.


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Thanks @dmorrow for your quick help!

In my case I am using the endpoint GET /rest/api/3/myself to get the current user, which also lacks the field publicName. I have added this as a comment to the ticket.

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