Modul width in JSM portal

Hi, we are developing an app for JSM. In order to render data inside the portal we’re using a dialog that’s being opened over a Custom UI Javascript API. The module I’m talking about is jiraServiceManagement:portalRequestCreatePropertyPanel.

The problem is that module goes only in the request form that limits the width of the module to 800px.
So, request form 800 px → module 800px → Dialog 800px.

That same dialog inside of e.g adminPage where the “host” module isn’t limited to 800px can be set to “xlarge” and it is nearly large as the whole size of the screen.
The same “xlarge” parameter results in 800px inside the JSM portal.

If anyone has any recommendations, workaround or better yet are there plans to increase the size in the JSM portal overall it would be very welcome.



I’ll contact the internal team that works on the frontend JSM stuff to see what can be done.

I’ve contacted the team and there currently doesn’t seem to be a way to change the width.

Could you submit a feature request ticket to Log in with Atlassian account regarding this feature.