Monitoring and reporting for server plugin

I’ve looked through and can’t seem to find any documents about monitoring and reporting around server plugins. I’m trying set up monitors and alerts around things like JS errors, plugin load time… This is possible in cloud plugins which work through Iframes.

Any advice on how to achieve this on server would be appreciated.

@azeezolaniran I think you should really thread lightly here, as the general consensus is that most customers that have on-premise installations are not particularly happy with add-ons that “phone home” without their knowledge or consent, or the ability to turn it off.

Having said that, I know that there are several other vendors that include anonymous Google Analytics for tracking usage in their add-ons, and there are also vendors that are using tools like for tracking javascript errors. However, it is always advised to A) make sure you have an EULA which stipulates that you are doing this and B) add the ability for customers to disable this feature. It would perhaps be even better to disable any error tracking / data collection by default and only enable this in case of a support request.

Hope this helps!

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