More plugin point for apps in JSD portal

Hi there,

JSD API offers some plugin points where app can mount panels in the customer portal:

One of our add-on allows user to add data to an issue though a dedicated panel (something else than custom fields).

It works with Jira Core & Jira Software (we mount panels in the issue view) but the mounting points currently available on JSD are not enough to create an acceptable user experience.

This mounting point is almost what we want:

In fact, we want the exact same thing but the panel should be above the create button.

Atlassian, it is in your plans to add more plugin points in JSD?
Is there a public issue we can vote on?

Chritstophe - Valiantys Software

I would suggest for creating your own customized version for mounting, as these small requests are rarely heard from atlassian as you can see its already been 29d and no reply.

Nah, you just need to be smart and include some mentions in your thread. For instance @dmeyer, who is actually responsible for Jira Cloud and not JSD, but I know for sure he can help get the right person to respond. Or @pvandevoorde, @rwhitbeck or @akassab who are really friendly and helpful all the time!


Hi @christophe.prome, would a “request create property panel” help you? You’ll probably also want to use a “request view details panel” for the counter part in the view request screen.
What are you building ? :slight_smile:


@saurabh.gupta & @remie thanks for the highlight on this topic :slight_smile:

@gjoseph, this is exactly what we need, thanks!
I guess that it is not available for JSD Server yet?

We want to make our new Jira app Elements compatible with Jira Service Desk. Currently, it look like this in an issue view:

we want the same thing in JSD requests

Some Jira server user are asking for it but Cloud users will be interested too.