Mouseover on dropdown item causes page scroll

Hello. When we have some scrollable page, for example Jira dashboard, and there is a dropdown in a gadget mouse movement over it causes page scroll. It’s because of if (!event.noscrolling) { condition in jira/ajs/dropdown/dropdown-list-item. When event is triggered in the same file like

  type: "focus",
  noscrolling: true

jQuery.Event instance has no noscrolling property, it has originalEvent property containing noscrolling.
Also there is a js error

skate-0.12.6.js:1236 Uncaught TypeError: parent.hasAttribute is not a function
    at getClosestIgnoredElement (skate-0.12.6.js:1236)
    at MutationObserver.documentObserverHandler (skate-0.12.6.js:92)

appearing because dropdown element is appended to parent document not to iframe one (AUI 8.5.0).

Is this happening in your plugin?
Or did you mean to report a bug in Jira Server? If so please report at

Hi @GlebPlakhotnik
thanks for reaching out!

Due to changes introduced in recent versions we indeed noted several issues with layered components if iframe exists on the same page.
Most of the issues have been revised and fixed in following versions of AUI.

These issues might be related to your problem

The particular problem you’re observing might be caused by old version of AUI used in your product or by particular way given product implemented AUI components.

I’d strongly recommend following @tjoy’s advice - please create Product-oriented bug report (in this case - Jira Server bug report) containing detailed information, including:

  • product version
  • Plugin / Application you’re testing (if the problem occurs in relation to your custom Plugin / Application)
  • Steps to reproduce

With :heart:
TEC Team

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