Multiple add-ons on the same server, error with Confluence add-on

Hello everybody. I reaaaally need your help.

I have a server that will host 2 add-ons: One for hipchat and one for confluence.
Nginx will sit in front of them, having a different port for each, and both using the same SSL certificate.

The hipchat add-on works and installs correctly. But for some reason, the Confluence add-on cannot be installed, when I attempt to install it it displays the following error:

Problem accessing the file

If I click on that link, the descriptor displays correctly. The SSL certificate is OK, it is even A rated on that page that checks the SSL strength, and the Atlassian descriptor validator is correct, etc.

What’s weird though is that if I add a “credentials.json”, as you know node starts an ngrok tunnel. That ngrok tunnel CAN be installed!
I checked and I can’t see what the difference is between the ngrok hosted service and the nginx hosted service, and of course I don’t have access to the confluence logs because it is Cloud based… and the error message doesn’t really help.

I checked the HTTP requests and responses for both, and some headers differ but nothing that stands out…

What could I be doing wrong? What should I check? :frowning:

Edit: I guess it MAY be a problem with the SSL. If I use the SSLPoke class as described here
in my local computer pointing to my server (LetsEncrypt issued SSL) it displays the error. Of course I cannot follow the procedure described there for it to ‘trust’ the certificate, since the problem is in the cloud. Pointed at another site I own which has GoDaddy cert and it connects successfully.

Can’t I use Lets Encrypt? Do I need to buy a SSL cert from GoDaddy or something like that? :frowning:

You’re going to be OK with Let’s Encrypt. Firstly, we use Let’s Encrypt for our JIRA Cloud add-on, and it works fine. Secondly, the SSL Server Test for reports that everything is OK there.

Two things I’ve noticed that may, or may not be relevant:
a) there is a minor problem in your descriptor: the “links” section has invalid URLs (double slashes); and
b) the base URL points to an ngrok address. Now that could be fine, but it makes me wonder: is there a problem with that address when running behind nginx? The base URL is used for all communication with your add-on from Confluence.

Do you see anything anomalous in the nginx logs?

Thanks for your answer David.
Actually I changed to the ngrok address for testing and saw that it worked, but previously the baseUrl was and the problem was the same.

Let me make some more tests and check if logs tell anything interesting.

Another thing, I downloaded a local Confluence environment and tested it and got the same error, but the Confluence java logs don’t say anything interesting:

[INFO] [talledLocalContainer] 2017-06-16 20:19:24,399 ERROR [UpmAsynchronousTaskManager:thread-2] [rest.resources.install.InstallFromUriTask] download Error downloading plugin from

And that’s it :confused:

Update: If I change everything to port 443, it works.
I triple checked and port 9444 is completely open and working. But if I use that, the addon installation just fails.

Have you had any experience using Confluence addons in different ports? Specifically with Confluence, because as I told initially the Hipchat addon works perfectly on port 9443.

I even checked the Confluence addon on that port (9443) but no, apparently it wants only 443 :rage:

Maybe it’s time to consider using subdomains instead of ports: and

Will do. Guess I’ll open an issue in Confluence or something so that can be addressed, I’m pretty sure I did the configuration correctly, and that deleted 2 days of my life.

Thanks for your time David.