Multiple addons on one host best practices


I use a private addon hosted with ace behind apache, mapped to a subdirectory, i.e.,

I intend to add a second addon on the same server at another path ( I’m sure I can spin up a second ace instance on a different port and all will be well. However, I’d like to consider using the same ace instance.

It appears this may induce inter-addon dependencies which may be undesirable, such as the loading and accessibility of route definitions and other resources, or a requirement that despite having independent descriptors, the addons must always be launched on the host simultaneously (This could be viewed as an advantage as well, by simplifying monitoring and other ops-related tasks.)

Overall, at the moment, it seems keeping the addons independent is preferable: less to hack, less to rethink, and at the expense only of having some process and artifact redundancy.


I would use multiple instances of ACE: one for each Atlassian App. This would mean that, should one app malfunction, the other will be unaffected. This is a desirable characteristic. I would also make it so that you keep the apps as separate as possible and, if they need to communicate or share data, do so over standard HTTP with shared secrets.