Multiple admin pages for Forge application

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We are currently trying to build an app with Forge where we would like to implement two admin pages. I was just giving it a try by using the following manifest.yml:

    - key: first-configuration-page
      function: first-configuration-function
      title: First configuration page
    - key: second-configuration-page
      function: second-configuration-function
      title: Second configuration page
    - key: first-configuration-function
    - key: second-configuration-function
  id: <removed>
  name: Admin pages test

The linter says the following: 6:11 error Only a single entry of the jira:adminPage module can be defined in the manifest valid-module-required

Does that mean, that it is only possible to have ONE admin page? If that is the case, why?!

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See Can I have multi Forge Admin Pages? - #2 by mskrzypkowski and more specifically Can I have multi Forge Admin Pages? - #5 by JakubMierzewski


Oh shit, sorry for not asking the search first :frowning: I promise it won’t happen again!

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No worries, there are a lot of topics on this forum. Glad to be of service!

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