Multiple end users unable to configure Forge Jira Cloud integration application

Since approximately a week ago, multiple end users have reported that they can download and install our Jira Cloud and Jira server apps, but they are unable to load the app configuration page where API key-secret are input. They all get a “Something went wrong. Function timed out past limit of 10.01 seconds. Refresh app” error message. Refreshing and trying at different times has not resolved and the users do not have any internet connection issues. Have any developers encountered this issue before?

We have raise a P1 Atlassian Marketplace Support ticket. Besides requesting HAR files from end customers for analysis, they advised us to raise the issue in the developer forum as well.

By any chance - are you using oauth? If so 30 November 2021 - Action required - Deprecating persistent refresh tokens - #71 by jscalise

Are there any security settings that need to be configured in an organizational environment to enable access to third-party integration apps?

This is the message that is being displayed when users attempt to navigate to the UI where API credentials for our app are input

Here is the error string from a .HAR file. It is currently preventing any of our clients from using our add on, which was built on the Forge framework. The developer says that the error is caused by the graphql request. This request is not directly made by our code but by the underlying Forge Framework.

Does anyone know why this error is only occurring in production instances? What we can do to rectify this error?

“cookies”: ,
“content”: {
“size”: 658,
“mimeType”: “application/json”,
“text”: “{“data”:{“invokeAuxEffects”:{“success”:false,“errors”:[{“message”:“Function timed out past limit of 10.01 seconds”,“extensions”:{“errorType”:“AUX_INVOCATION_FAILED”,“statusCode”:400,”__typename":“GenericMutationErrorExtension”},"__typename":“MutationError”}],“result”:{“effects”:[{“type”:“render”,“aux”:{“type”:“View”,“children”:[{“type”:“ErrorPanel”,“props”:{“error”:{“message”:“Something went wrong”,“errorMessage”:“Function timed out past limit of 10.01 seconds”}},“children”:}]},“state”:{}}],"__typename":“AuxEffectsResult”},"__typename":“InvokeAuxEffectsResponse”}},“extensions”:{“gateway”:{“request_id”:“4f1d1df3e573cfa5”,“deprecatedFieldsUsed”:}}}"

Thanks in advance,