Multiple versions of select2 in a Jira Plugin

Hi there,
in a Jira Plugin I am using the old wrapped version of select2 which is available as auiSelect2(). This is not sufficient since I need the create dynamic option feature for some features of my plug-in. I was able to load the current version 4.x to the content in Jira via the atlassian-plugin.xml, but the old version is still tied to select2 ($.fn.select2). Is there any way how I can use the new version in parallel. i.e. using it as a module like with mySelect2 = require(‘select2’)?
Thanks in advance.


Using auiSelect2 gives me only formatResult but not templateResult (SDK 8.0.16)

When I use formatResult to filter entries, the filtered entries appear as empty ones in the select2 instead of being omitted. This should work better with templateResult.

How did You manage to load select2 4.x in Your plugin via atlassian-plugin.xml ?

Thanx in advance for any hints !