MultiSelect CF - Dataset of 50K+options

Hey guys. I’ve been struggling with this problem for some time already. I’d like to have my own select custom field (with 50K+ dataset) added on issue screens.

Solution #1 - Single Select CF - but obviously there was a performance downfall as the dataset went over 30k options which is understandable due to the amount of the options that had to be rendered. Of course it’s a bad idea to have so many options without some autocomplete function that would filter the dropdown so I used the aui-select element. I assume this is the simplest way how to have this behaviour while you want to use the select element (as you want to have the values saved on issue screen - you got to add them through the optionsManager.createOption and so on).

Solution #2 - to have the simple text field with JS and autocomplete function where I “whisper” all of those 50k options (showing only 5 of them at the time). Works great if there’s just one CF of this type. I need to know its ID to access it and I can’t used the velocity variable $ as I can’t use this JS function in the edit*.vm template. The AJAX call doesn’t work for me there. Which would be also fine to know why.

But now I’d like to have some MultiSelect CF. I tried to use the auiSelect2 approach which doesn’t work well for the same “huge dataset” reason but I can’t dynamically feed this select element through the ajax/data parameters of select2 because Jira 8.x, as I understood, uses the 3.x.x version of select2 where you have to bind the remote data to the input element ONLY which loses the “multiple select” behaviour then.

Do you guys think there is a way how to have a Jira CF on issue screen that behaves as multiselect element (something like the label CF) with 50k+ options and with no performance downfall?

Here I found the solution of having a project with all issues coresponding to my options and using the ScriptRunner Issue Picker field to achieve the similar behaviour but for now I don’t want to use other plugins. Would be glad for any help.