My Add-on gets failed installation after chaning the add-on key to a long lenght key

We are developing a Jira cloud add-on to import certain data from an application into Jira Cloud instance as JIRA tasks. We did couple of testing rounds and add-on worked as expected. Later we had to change the add-on key to a some long length key and after then the add-on installation was failed with folowing error.

"An error occurred while provisioning the user for this add-on. Please try installing it again, and if then problem persists then contact Atlassian support"

Modification to the key in atlassian-connect.json descriptor was something to similler as following.

previous key : com.test.jira.plugin
new key :

After further investigation on it, the Issue seems to be the length of the key. What we have observed was that when the add-on gets installed in a Jira cloud instance, it also creates Jira system users as per SCOPE values which are defined in the JSON descriptor. And then the add-on key is used to generate those user’s names and email ids. And if the key value exceeds more than 64 characters, user creation gets failed.

We have conformed the above behavior by using different key but with shorter length and then the problem goes away.

But We won’t be able to use a short length key value because our Jira server add-on version is already has been published to marketplace and which contains a long key value which exceeds more than 64 characters. Due to that reason our Jira Cloud add-on version also has to use the same key value as per Atlassian Jira Plugin specification. Right now, we are not able to change the Jira server add-on key due to other restrictions.

Please let us know if there is a way to overcome this issue.



The limit of 64 characters is not arbitrary for Atlassian Cloud apps; the limit is actually imposed by some of the standards that we rely upon internally.

I would recommend looking into making your server plugin key shorter (which may be difficult for licensing reasons) rather than making the Cloud Key longer.

I think that this request would be better dealt with by a Developer Support request: (Please link to this question when you raise the request)