My first Plugin

Hello, I am starting to use the SDK to create a pluggin by following and I have problems in point 5 of step 2 not I find where to see the pugins installed by the user, nothing appears to me, all the previous steps have worked for me. someone help me. Thank you so much

At the bottom of the tutorial is a link to the source code for the tutorial.

You should try cloning that and see if it works differently. If this works but yours doesn’t there must be an error.

Hi, @catedraviewnext.

I tried following the tutorial and was able to view it in the Manage Add-ons

I am running on v7.5.0. Try opening another console, go to the same directory of your plugin, run atlas-mvn package for the plugin to be reloaded. You will see errors in the consoles if there are any problems.