My JIRA Cloud developer instances are going away?

I have started getting emails from Atlassian saying that the developer JIRA Cloud instances I have been using for some months are going away.

Are others seeing this?

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Nope, and that would be extremely odd (to say the least) - I’m assuming you are talking about the instances just announced the other year via Atlassian introduces new cloud development environment, still recommended via Development Setup and seemingly still available via the resp. sign up form (haven’t tried to actually request one though)?

It can happen from time to time if you install more add-ons that require licenses, or you are over the user limits etc.

The development instances stops being development instances when you go over:

  • JIRA Software, JIRA Core: 5 users free
  • JIRA Service Desk: 1 agent free
  • Confluence: 5 users free
  • No add-ons requiring licenses

If this is the case you can simply remove users or add-ons to get within the limitations again and the billing notices will stop.


@daniel -

  • No add-ons requiring licenses

That was it. I had two other add-ons installed for some reason…


/cc @sopel, @dmeyer