Navigator Pluggable Item Icon Size and Text

                "key": "my-pluggable-item",
                "location": "jira.navigator.pluggable.items",
                "weight": 10,
                "context": "addon",
                "name": {
                    "value": "Import"
                "target": {
                    "type": "dialogmodule",
                    "options": {
                        "key": "import-from-search-dialog"
                "icon": {
                    "width": 24,
                    "height": 16,
                    "url": "/img/logo.svg"

I have created a pluggable item in the JIRA issue search page. It seems the width and height is ignored and 16px by 16px is enforced for the icon. Do I miss something?
Furthermore, I did not find out it, if it is possible to display a text next to the icon. Any help is appreciated!

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Hi @SebastianK81,

I’m not familiar with the jira.navigator.pluggable.items location. I installed Web Fragment Finder and navigated to the JIRA issue search page by clicking in the search text area and then selecting the Advanced search for issues link, but I don’t seem to be able to see a web item with the location jira.navigator.pluggable.items.

Would you be able to provide instructions detailing how to reproduce the problem you are observing.


Hi @dmorrow,

it is the top right section of the advance search in JIRA:

Next to “Share” and “Export” you see the Excel and Google Sheets icons. jira.navigator.pluggable.items are displayed here. It seems 16px by 16px is forced and a text is not allowed.


Thanks @SebastianK81,

I’ve created for this.


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