Need a bigger transition Screen for an specific field


I have a grid CustomField in jira (using the table grid next generation plugin) in a transition screen of my workflow. Users are having trouble with the grid because the transition screen seems to be a little small for that field, making the use of the grid customfield a little awkward to use. I have 3 ideas in mind but I’m a little stuck with this:

1- add custom css to the screen: this seems to be the easier solution. I managed to successfully change the size and the position of the screen. Nonetheless, i noticed that when i resize the browser px window, jira refreshes the css of the screen changing the width to 810px, and it also messes with the position of the screen.

2-add a link to the transition using a custom plugin we have some custom plugins in this jira, so i was thinking it may be possible to add a link (an html tag) to the transition screen. This link would open the transition screen in another tab (kind of when you right click the transition button and then click “open in another tab”). This would open the screen in a separate tab and with the full size of the browser.

The problem with this is that im not sure how to generate the link of the transition, which seems to have an structure similar to /secure / CommentAssignIssue!default.jspa?atl_token=xxxxxxxxx&id=123123&action=12

3- The other option in my mind is to use a custom plugin to add a button that shows a screen which contains the customfield to be edited. The problem is that the customfield is a grid and i don’t know how to add a customfield component in an AUI Dialog 2.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

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